On this week's episode of Eberron: A Chronicle of Echoes, Sylas and Alufi have a Wingwyrd named Shimmerwind on the show. This silvery Gargoyle talks a...View Details

Alufi and Sylas back for the first echo of the year. Our hosts speak with Ashes, a Warforged that roams the Eldeen Reaches (voiced by Runesmith). Join...View Details

Rebecca and Stephen interviewed our two vocal guests for the Long Shadows Episodes; Jarrod Taylor, and Matthew "Regitnui" Booth.   Jarrod's DM's Guild...View Details

Alufi and Sylas speak with a Professor from the Stormreach branch of Morgrave University about the particular celebration from the Xen'drik city can F...View Details

Sylas and Alufi report on the Second night of Long Shadows 997 YK. Sylas talks about a strange grey mist covering a tower in the Clifftop district, an...View Details

On the first of three Special Broad Castings of a Chronicle of Echoes, Sylas and Alufi speak with Amaranth ir'Thadian about the celebration of Long Sh...View Details

Bardic Mystery Tour's podcast can be found just about anywhere podcasts are played, but here's a few links just in case:Bardic Mystery Tour Website --...View Details

Sorry for no episode tonight guys! Enjoy this, keep an eye out for our Bardic Mystery Tour OOC that will be going up here in a few hours!Level 3 Feat ...View Details

On this special House Sivis Broad Casting, Kevin and Alufi summon in three members of a band called Dream Lancer! Alufi, Kevin, Rodg, Windy, and the B...View Details

On this week's episode of Eberron: A Chronicle of Echoes Alufi and Sylas talk about the Twelve, and other Heirs of Siberys. They put out a notice of a...View Details

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