Alufi and Sylas are, begrudgingly, back from their vacations! they talk bout an upcoming summit of the leaders of Khorvaire as well as a beloved Advis...View Details

Guest Meg joins us to talk about her supplement Thunder Sea Merfolk Report! This supplement is a labour of love and genuinely amazing! Keep an ear out...View Details

This special late-night episode with guests Fizalki Khundarak, Bishop Sarhain, and Merrix d'Cannith. Music provided by Culjim the Horn and the Dhakaan...View Details

A preview for A Little Late Show, With Kevin Kepona.

Get more content from our Website -- Become a Patron! -- htt...View Details

A long few weeks of scalding hot weather in Sharn has Alufi and Sylas going crazy from the heat. In the news there is Gurilla, gorillions, and mad car...View Details

We Sit down with the voice out our Tairnadal elf, and REBECCA'S SISTER!Not your typical OOC episode, but that is alright. Hear the nitty gritty of Reb...View Details

Sylas and Alufi have on Kevin Kepona and Children's entertainer Roy G. Biv for a special trivia episode! Celebrating Aureon's Crown the Broad Casting ...View Details

We sit down with Jake Lionheart, the creator behind Fantasy Heart Brigade. This interview was an absolute blast and we managed to convince Jake to joi...View Details

We were joined by the Wonderful mind behind "Loot the Body" Levi. Sit and chat with us while we listen to "I'm the Flumph", "Ravenloft", and "Son of a...View Details

Kevin and Alufi summon in a giant purple Flumph. One could say the... Prince... of flumphs. They go on a fantastic audible journey through that teache...View Details

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