Alufi and Sylas have a relaxing day-cruise atop a Lyrandar Airship, all while watching the Owl Windchasers do their training. Cyopilia Fetera, a human...View Details

Alufi and Sylas take a trip all the way down to the Cogs to meet up with Caralag and Ta'Karduur to talk about what the Gargoyle plans to do during thi...View Details

Sylas and Alufi are recording in a historic location, the very first modern Gold Dragon Inn! They meet with Professor Daine to talk about the creepy c...View Details

Join us for a very interesting sleep-deprived episode of pure nonsense. Alufi regales us with a tale of poor orphan Sylas who eventually learned the T...View Details

Today we get a special OOC with Vee and Haley from the Storybrewers! These amazing people are the minds behind Good Society! But we're not here to tal...View Details

Something strange is coming from the mists of the Mournland. Alufi and Sylas have a nice chat about what this strange phenomenon could be, while invit...View Details

Alufi and Sylas cover a small bit of internaional news. Alufi helps people communicate with new friends and navigate soul-binding pacts. The Hosts are...View Details

We are joined by Guy from How to be a Great GM as he portrays a Fae Gnome from Thelanis in our in-character episode (releasing later this week), and t...View Details

Hosts Alufi and Sylas are joined by none other than Bishop Chantalyn Sarhain to talk about the Flamic holiday of Silvertide, and how it is celebrated ...View Details

Get more content from our Website -- Become a Patron! --   This is an u...View Details

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