Sylas and Alufi forgo news and do some Alufi's Advice Corner Questions before jumping head-first into a conversation with Helkashtai, an aid to the Ri...View Details

Imogen Gingell. Artist, writer, Podcast Host, (also like a super cool scientist, but that didn't come up too much). Imogen is a genuinely brilliant wr...View Details

Sylas and Alufi have on a prestigious member of House Sivis, who has had an effect on the lives of everyone in the Five Nations. Tylian Dorian d'Sivis...View Details

OOC Crunchy Peanut Butter

Harvey Clark is the amazing brain behind the "Papers Please" Supplement on DM's Guild, as well as the voice behind Tylian Dorian d'Sivis, Sharn Master...View Details

Alufi and Sylas head to the Nestled Egg Tavern to interview Sharn's most fearsome and formidable racer,  Fortuna and her Giant Eagle, Gamble Rascal. F...View Details

Alufi and Sylas have a chat with Striker, the storm-themed vigilante of the Upper and Middle Menthis, and Upper Central districts. Alufi answers some ...View Details

Anthony Turco has lent his voice and Character for our humble podcast. He portrays Striker, the storm-themed vigilante in Sharn's central districts. A...View Details

Their first Wir broadcasting, Sylas and Alufi discuss the underbelly of Sharn. The gritty reality that many inhabitants face. News covering the tragic...View Details

Elly is a dear and personal friend of the Show's creator's, but more than that she is an amazing storyteller, and beautiful person who does everything...View Details

Our OOC Guest this week is the WONDERFUL Steven R., AKA Genbo Santor d'Sivis of twitter fame. Check out the Corners of Khorvaire articles over at http...View Details

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