We were joined by the Wonderful mind behind "Loot the Body" Levi. Sit and chat with us while we listen to "I'm the Flumph", "Ravenloft", and "Son of a Lich". "Ravenloft" comes from Loot the Body's latest album Hex Volume 1 which will be dropping on June 4th! Go give this artist some love!

Check out his stuff:

Bandcamp -- https://lootthebody.bandcamp.com/ 
Twitter -- https://twitter.com/lootthebody 



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This is an unofficial Dungeons and Dragons podcast based on the Eberron Campaign setting.


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Intro/outro music composer -- https://www.instagram.com/brandonmaahs/?hl=en 

Interim music composer -- https://www.instagram.com/thebardicinspiration/

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